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Seneca Imdependent Musician Program (IMP)

I think that this is a fantastic new program, but you decide for yourself… If you live in the GTA, you’ll be able to take a full-time two-semester Independent Musician Program at Seneca College geared toward establishing yourself in the Indie music scene. Maybe I’ll take a sabbatical from my daytime gig to do something like this one time… this is from promotional material:

The Seneca College Independent Musician Program (IMP) is a unique and intensive 8-month course of study, designed to provide musicians with the tools they need to succeed as “Indie” artists.

Today’s Independent Musician must be an entrepreneur, capable of performing a wide range of tasks, from recording and performing to financing and marketing. The IMP curriculum puts equal emphasis on musical, technical and business skills, taught by working professionals in the areas of recording, performing and music business. The IMP program can help musicians from all musical genres realize their dream of making a living doing what they love.

Follow the link to the program to see what courses are involved… you’ll find quite a wide variety, all relevant and interesting… it’s some Muse news you can use…

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