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August 6th, 2008:

Once – songwriting meets simple relationship story flick

Check out Once, a film from Ireland that came out in 2006, when you get a chance… from a songwriter’s perspective, it’s an interesting movie, though it’s main focus is on the emerging relationship between a “stuck-in-a-rut” songwriter (pining over a lost love) and the immigrant “single” woman who prods him to take his music to another level…

Glen Hansard plays the “guy” and Markéta Irglová plays the “girl” and the songs (though sometimes repetitive) are utterly charming and real and support the story…

And of course, this flick includes the Oscar-winning song written by both Mr. Hansard and Mr. Irglova – Falling Slowly. They’ve certainly found their Muse and please have a listen below…

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