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The League of Rock

Caught this article in the local Metro News freebie paper today… some items are worth more than you pay for them… Good on the League of Rock founder, Terry Moshenberg, for having the vision to give us middle-age wannabes a stab at minor glory…

From the article:

While a few 20-somethings proudly count themselves among the League’s ranks, most members tend to be older. With an average member’s age hovering around 45 there are certainly no illusions about participants starting a stadium-busting career in rock, but the League is no joke either.

On the contrary, the emphasis is on making real music, playing in a real band and sounding really good. The League offers professional mentors for every instrument, counting stars like drummer Jim McCarty of the Yardbirds, Rod Stewart guitarist Robin Le Mesurier and lead singer Dan Clancy, a four-time Juno Award winner with his band Lighthouse. Moshenberg suggests the authenticity of the program is what keeps members coming back.

“Everything is real, really authentic and very honest. It’s not karaoke,” Moshenberg said.

Maybe… you have to live in Toronto or the GTA right now, but I think this is an idea that could take off in any major urban area… may the Muse be with you…

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