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August 20th, 2008:

Measure for Measure – Demos

Peter Holsapple has recently blogged in the Measure For Measure blog at NY Times entitled “Demo Shakedown“.

He fondly remembers his 4-track analog days and opines about the hazards of falling into the digital demo world with all of its offerings…

I include just a couple of paragraphs of his post here:

At present, my hope for any song demo is that it will really focus on melody and chords. Drums and bass are fine, and I’ve written so many songs that hinge on bass progressions; but an unadorned song is more easily heard by anyone (other than the songwriter, maybe).

I wish I could train myself to just do acoustic guitar and vocals for my demos. I had thought doing solo shows would help me see my way, to simplify and direct my creativity to a fine focus. The untidy mind that I keep resents being told to not come up with horn parts and string lines and choral vocals, especially in light of the unlimited number of tracks afforded the digital recordist.

Ah, even the pros fall into the trap… May the Muse be with you as you demo…

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