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The Everything Songwriting Book by CJ Watson

I enjoyed recently reading The Everything Songwriting Book by C.J. WatsonAmerican Songwriter Magazine called it the most complete songwriting book ever and said “No songwriter should be without it”.

Of particular interest to this reader was the section on musical theory and the Nashville charting system (nicely explained) and tips to record the music, and most importantly how to get the music heard. Mr. Watson has a very laid back, natural writing style which lends itself to picking apart certain chapters that may be of some benefit to a songwriter at any point in time…

Use with authority and may the Muse be with you…


  1. CJ Watson says:

    Thanks for the kind words!

    If you learned half as much reading it as I did writing it, we both got our money’s worth!


  2. Renz says:

    Wow… thanks for visiting my humble blog… I’m very happy to have successful songwriter and author CJ Watson drop by the blog and comment…

  3. Jeff Adamo says:

    I want to read The Everything Songwriting Book soon. I’m currently reading CJ’s Essential Songwriting. I’m learning a tremendous amount about the songwriting profession. CJ writes in a very readable style with a lot of humor. It is a fun read as well as an informative one.

  4. CJ Watson says:

    Jeff, don’t do it! It’s the same book. They sold so many copies that they just did a re-edit and retitle.

    Instead, get Don Passman’s ‘All You Need to Know About the Music Business’ or my Buddy Jim Peterik’s ‘Songwriting For Dummies’. Jim wrote all Survivor’s hits and most of 38 Special’s.



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