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MuseScore v. Finale NotePad

Last week I wrote about the demise of the free version of Finale NotePad and advising readers to pick up the free 2008 version before it’s too late. I received a comment on that post from David Bolton regarding the free and opensource project known as MuseScore.

Indeed, David provided a link to very helpful comparison of the features between MuseScore and Finale NotePad which I’d encourage you to read. It definitely is a great alternative, is well-supported and available for Windows and Linux.

May the Muse(Score) be with you…

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  1. ben says:

    Possibly the worst piece of software ever: MuseScore… It doesn’t play the notes you put in, drums are a nono and the program is just generally annoying, infuriating, even if you have the patience of mother teresa don’t bother

  2. Gerben says:

    Once you worked with it a little, it’s better than finale notepad (at least for drums, that’s what i use it for). It only crashes once in a while, so you have to save regularly.

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