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Songwriter’s Goals

Andrea Stolpe, professional songwriter and author of the Songwriter Career Blog, recently posted on the common-sense approach of having Short Term Goals For Songwriters And Artists. I’d encourage you to read the entire post, but thought I’d just include a snippet of her wisdom here:

Make sure your short-term goals are reachable. For instance, if you dream of performing two times a week and drawing a significant income from it as well as broadening your audience from that venture, start by breaking that down into smaller, reachable steps. Target some small venues in your area, and book a show a month. Devise an initial plan for promoting your shows. Make it a goal to talk to one new person a day about your gigs, and follow up with an email about the next gig. Target one business in that community you may pair up with to promote the show. Write and perform one new song a month to generate more interest in your shows. Think about the visual interest of your show, and add one new element to spice up the way your show looks. Attend one industry event, conference, or workshop every two or three months. Make it a point to network with two new contacts at that event and follow up by email. Maybe your first step is to carry your CDs with you wherever you go. Maybe it’s to record a piano/vocal of one song and organize your lyrics and music in a folder that is easy to access. Maybe your smaller step is to make one cold call each week to a club you’d like to be booked at. Whether or not you get the booking, you’ve done the work of calling. Take charge of the day to day steps that are within your control.

Short term goals… me, I’ve got to get onto an open stage night to just get some songs heard by people… I’ve done that before, but it’s been a while… may the Muse be with you…

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