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Elvis Costello and Nick Jonas Discuss Songwriting and Crazy Fans

From the recent edition of Rolling Stone:

In the current issue of Rolling Stone, Elvis Costello superfan Nick Jonas sits down with his idol to talk about writing habits and handling fame. “As far as fans go: The only difficult thing is when they go in our house,” says Jonas. “That’s kind of odd for anybody, I think.” Costello sympathizes, as he spent his early days as a pop sensation. “Around 1978, every single we released in England was a hit,” he says. “It was hard to take seriously when it was happening, because I just thought it was so absurd. I was suspicious of the success.” Check out the new issue for more on Costello and Jonas, including what pop records they’ve loved in the last ten years.

Maybe one day I can meet Costello… till then…

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