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November 7th, 2008:

Chris Martin Gets Songwriting Advice From Ian McCulloch

Chris Martin of Coldplay gets help writing his songs from Echo + The Bunnymen’s frontman Ian McCulloch, and the pair are often texting each other with ideas.

“I think Chris is great,” says McCulloch. “We text each other, like, ‘Hello Mac-o! How do you write lyrics that are good?’ I say, ‘Either you’ve got it or you haven’t. Do some crosswords, watch pornography.'”

McCulloch also revealed his input into the band’s music: “When Coldplay was doing their second album I walked into the studio in Liverpool, where they recorded it.”

“Chris said, ‘Hey Mac! We’re sampling The Cutter intro, but we’re having some difficulty making it not sound like the Bunnymen. I said, ‘Just f***ing use it.'”

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U2 – Stuck In A Songwriting Block Moment…

Even the best go through it… On U2’s website, you can catch this video which shows the band, and producer Daniel Lanois, deep in concentration in their songwriting process… staring at blank pieces of paper and clicking their laptops… man, that sounds familiar…

Oh well… something tells me that these guys eventually break the block and write something worthy… it would be nice if they showed us that part in the video, but it may just come down to the fact that the Muse is with them…

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Again – Weeks Without Writing…

Well, back in May of this year, I was T-boned in an intersection and endured a painful recovery from those injuries… See my post here

Now, a few weeks back, just as I finished therapy I underwent from that accident, I was involved in another accident and went right back to square one (or zero… or whatever)… Thus, I haven’t been blogging or playing guitar or writing…

But, with the Muse as my witness, I will write again… (blog & new songs)

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