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Just anxious to get some of the songs I’ve written and am writing published (thus the title of my Blogger blog - My Endeavour to be a Published Songwriter).

I’ve purchased a Lenovo laptop, and some equipment (PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL external sound card, Fostex monitors and an Axiom 49 USB Keyboard Controller) and software (Studio One 3) for this purpose, and to hone the songwriting craft.

I’ve joined the Songwriters Association of Canada and SOCAN . I’m looking for publishers/artists looking for songs (here’s me looking at you looking at me looking at you… I think you get it…)

I’m looking forward to the challenge and will keep a diary of the steps on my blog … and I’m starting to do my own homepage as well, though right now it’s a glorified jukebox…

I’ll post the songs as I record them on my ReverbNation site, on my CBC Radio 3 site, on my SoundCloud site and occasionally on my MySpace site and look forward to your comments and offers of publishing deals… :)

Hey, what’s wrong with a little wishful thinking…

Ci vedimes… and may the Muse be with you…

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